Want to authenticate identity without students ever stepping on campus?

The solution is Government ID upload

Student uploads Student ID Photo

Student is asked to provide a Government ID to compare for accuracy

The ID is easily approved with Government ID

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What Makes MyPhoto Different?

We're the leader in campus photo submission. Here's why.

We make it easy

MyPhoto utilizes responsive website design and is mobile friendly. Users can take their photo from any device with a camera, login, rotate, crop and preview their photo before submitting. IPhone, Ipad, Droid, PC and MAC friendly. The entire process takes less than 2 minutes and is very easy to use

Powerful Dashboard

Connect the data, users and insights to optimize the photo upload process. MyPhoto’s dashboard shows instant information in real-time. Pending submissions, approval rate, disapproval summary and average processing time are just a few of the key features. Powerful sorting features allow data to be displayed on a daily, monthly, yearly or a specified date range, Administrators will know exactly if action is needed or how many students have saved time by using MyPhoto!

What Is MyPhoto

MyPhoto is a web based application that enables a student to easily upload their photo for their student ID. MyPhoto has many new features in the latest release. As a customer, your institution can benefit from the MyPhoto application. MyPhoto streamlines the ID card photo upload process by defining what requirements students need to follow when taking and submitting a photo. Through 5 simple steps, a properly formatted photo is ready for an administrator’s review and then quickly submitted to MyPhoto for production, saving hours if not days of manual processing.

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