How to Realize the Dream of Online Photo Upload — TODAY!

You know in your gut — your old ways no longer work.

Every day you see a mile-long line outside the card office door — bored and frustrated students waiting to get their ID picture taken — you know: Digital photo upload needs to happen, YESTERDAY.

Doesn’t picturing next year’s card season make your head want to explode?

Ask yourself:

  • • How much of your work day gets wasted processing photos?
  • • How long do students stand in that line?
  • • What does it cost you in office hours; how could that time be better spent?

Imagine the entire student body uploading their own ID photos, right from their phone, as easy as posting a selfie on Facebook.

That’s a reality technology makes possible — TODAY. Students can easily edit their photos to meet your community standards. Staff can view and approve photos with one simple click. Yes, you can process thousands of photos in less than an hour.

Online Digital Photo UploadBut Who’s Going to Build It?

Who’s got time to design and build such a system, much less maintain it day-to-day? Your IT staff’s already up to their necks in 1s and 0s. They swear they’ll get to it — someday.

Yeah, and maybe someday we’ll see World Peace and pigs fly through Hula Hoops of rainbows.

Guess what? Online photo upload is already built — seamless, beautiful, ready to go. It can be purchased from a third party and installed into your existing systems. Students want it. They expect it. And you can have it, TODAY.

This user-friendly technology tends to be as life-changing as your first smartphone. Once you own it, you wonder how you ever survived without it.

A Seamlessly Branded Photo Application That’s All Yours

Why rent when you can own?

That one question is probably why you asked your IT department for a solution in the first place. You want an online photo upload application that’s all YOURS, featuring YOUR university’s brand, seamlessly integrated into your existing systems.

That makes sense. Your students already use the university’s website to schedule classes, communicate with professors, update their calendars. Most likely, your school’s website is an online portal to everything on campus. Why should students go anywhere else to upload their photos?

That’s why it’s so important an online photo upload application sit within the university’s online universe. It should be customized, branded, and owned by the university. Slapped together generic attempts just don’t cut it anymore. Who wants to settle for mediocrity?  

An Affordable “Day to Day” Budget Expense

Another critical element to photo upload is that it should be very affordable. At less than $4,995 per year, MyPhoto is inexpensive enough that it does not require prior board approval under the administrative budgetary requirements of most universities.

And yes, you own it outright after 3 years.

After that, MyPhoto costs just $416 per month if you choose to host your system in our cloud. If you choose to host the system yourself, we offer updates and support for $1,700 per year.

Digital Photo Upload for Campus Card Systems

A Photo Upload Application to Simplify the Card Office

Most importantly, you need a system that doesn’t task your staff with encumbering workloads.

The whole point of digital photo upload is to make their jobs easier so they can focus on more important projects. They don’t have time to upload complex spreadsheets of data sets to outside platforms.

Nor do you have the energy to experiment with generic online photo submission platforms that lack the robust architecture to be a truly effective solution.

You need a photo upload application that works perfectly the first time, all the time. It needs to be flexible and custom enough to solve your unique challenges yet so simple even a 10-year-old understands.

With the right online photo upload application, students will actually use it. Your staff will love it. Experience the freedom of technology. Your office will be able to get more done than you ever thought possible.

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