Introducing MyPhoto 5: Why We Launched New Next Gen Photo Submission

MyPhoto 5 Campus Card Photo Tool


You asked — we delivered. 

The new MyPhoto 5 is here. Our latest edition of next generation photo upload takes the campus card office to the next level. Photo submission for campus ID cards has never been this easy!

The new MyPhoto 5 puts universities in control with an easy-to-use Content Management System. Like WordPress, our new CMS allows campuses to tweak and customize their branded card site at will. It’s a campus card photo tool that puts you in the driver’s seat.

Campus card offices gain greater access to their data — the ability to present, control and understand granular information in a more seamless fashion. Schools can choose what they want to track and how to track it. 

With MyPhoto 5, colleges achieve higher first-time approval rates for campus ID cards. Students access a better user experience with improved technology that’s even easier to use.

Customers of MyPhoto are automatically eligible to be upgraded to MyPhoto 5 at no additional cost — if you maintain an active support agreement with software assurance. This is a software upgrade that’s already included in our campus card photo tool.


A Better Student Experience


Satisfied Student Doing Online Photo SubmissionStudents enjoy a more streamlined photo upload experience. MyPhoto 5 uses artificial intelligence to grade the acceptability rate of a photo — letting students know in realtime if their photo is likely to be accepted and meet university quality standards. 

We use facial recognition to compare the submitted photo against a government ID for accuracy. It can also auto detect problems like hats, sunglasses, or closed eyes to boost acceptability rates.

MyPhoto 5 features automatic declines. If there’s an obvious issue with a photo, our AI notifies the student of the problem before the photo is submitted to the card office.

MyPhoto 5 also implements an auto background wipe — leaving only the individual’s image overtop any background the university prefers. This makes it easy to use high school senior portraits that have busy backgrounds.


User Friendly CMS Control with Modular Design


We designed MyPhoto 5 for ease of use. It empowers the customization experience, allowing for faster updates and upgrades. We’ve updated the programming language to improve user experience. Universities can now do many changes such as colors, logos, or text themselves. It works like you’d tweak a website via WordPress, no programming required!

We’ve also updated the backend with the ability to toggle on features. This allows for faster upgrades and customization. Adding a government ID upgrade, for example, can now be done seamlessly, like flicking on a switch. Wait-times for customization requests have been greatly reduced or eliminated altogether.


A Better Campus Card Photo Tool


Expanded Admin Reporting in Campus Card ID


MyPhoto has always tracked a wide array of useful, granular data for universities to better understand the success of their card photo tools. The new MyPhoto 5 makes all that info easier to access and manage with a next generation data dashboard.

Now campus card offices have better access and easier ways to understand their data through ad hoc reports. These can be generated and customized on-the-fly at your convenience. Selectable fields can be checked on and off at will. 

Something break? MyPhoto 5 includes a Site Health feature with an Event Viewer. If there’s a technical glitch, you’re notified of the issue and provided the data to quickly fix it. 

Gain greater flexibility and usability with the exact data you want, when you want it.


AI-Driven Seamless Photo Submission


AI Driven Photo UploadIn realtime, MyPhoto 5 uses facial recognition to compare a student’s photo to a submitted government ID such as a driver’s license or passport. It also automatically detects if a student is wearing a hat, sunglasses or has their eyes closed. The AI can tell a student if the photo is likely to be rejected so he or she can correct the error.

MyPhoto 5 takes metadata from each photo to automatically rotate and crop submissions. Students view their photo via realtime preview. Students are satisfied knowing they’re happy with their photo before they submit. 

With MyPhoto 5, online photo submission becomes a simplified, streamlined process. Students enjoy the experience. Schools achieve higher first time approval rates. Everybody’s happy.


Even More Bells & Whistles


With MyPhoto 5, you can upload images with multiple file formats, i.e. PNG, JEPG, HEIC, PDF. We accept photos in high resolutions to increase usability and accessibility. This allows schools to share photos across departments for purposes beyond campus ID cards. We also have widescreen formatting.

MyPhoto 5 also features a realtime tech support chatbot. During office hours, you can get instant feedback for questions or concerns. 

Doing maintenance on your photo submission site? MyPhoto 5 features offline maintenance notifications so users know to check back later. 

MyPhoto 5 also now features a Free Account option. Try out a limited edition of MyPhoto and take it for a spin.


A Satisfied Campus Card Office

What’s Next?


Now we celebrate. We think we’ve designed a campus card photo tool that’s easier to use. It puts schools in control of a branded, customized user experience. The hard work has paid off. We hope you like it.

But we’re not done. At MyPhoto, we never rest on our laurels. We’ll continue to tweak and improve MyPhoto with new editions in the future. And we’re listening. We’re open to your suggestions. In fact, many of the improvements in MyPhoto 5 were based on requests you — our customers — directly asked for. 

So let us know what you think. How can we serve you better? We strive to provide the best photo submission tools to make life easy. That’s what MyPhoto’s all about — what drives us to pour the coffee every morning and hit the laptop running.