Yes, MyPhoto is Apple HEIC Friendly — a Seamless User Experience

HEIC student photo upload


Lately, we’ve been asked a lot: Is MyPhoto compatible with Apple’s HEIC — the next-generation image format used by iPhones and Mac?

Absolutely! At MyPhoto, we like to stay ahead of the tech curve with the latest and greatest.

We’re open minded. MyPhoto creates photos compatible with all card systems, including:

  • • True Credential
  • • One Card
  • • IDWorks
  • • Atrium
  • • Entrust Datacard
  • • RapidCard
  • • Oracle’s PeopleSoft


And we maintain reselling partnerships with:

  • TouchNet
  • • ColorID
  • • IDWorks
  • • ITC Systems


Sure, we understand HEIC can be a headache. Google “HEIC,” and most articles explain how to convert HEIC to JPEG, how to use HEIC photos on Android and Windows, how to even open the darn thing.

Few are touting the benefits — or why you should even care.

But with MyPhoto, you don’t have to. Conversion from HEIC is seamless — like everything else with MyPhoto. User-friendly tech is the forefront of everything we do. We like a smooth ride — no bumps, no hassles, no problems. MyPhoto’s simple and easy to use. 


What is HEIC?

Update Photo Upload Software

HEIC is the file format name Apple has chosen for the new HEIF standard. HEIF stands for High-Efficiency Image Format. It’s a more efficient and powerful way of storing image files — twice the quality of a JPEG for ½ the file size.

It’s become Apple’s standard, ever since the release of iOS 11 in 2017.

Interestingly, HEIC isn’t even Apple’s invention at all. It was created by the MPEG group that also developed the AAC format used in iTunes. Apple doesn’t always reinvent the wheel. Sometimes it just borrows it. 

And technically, HEIC isn’t specifically a format — more a container of images and audio.

But because HEIC is supremely efficient, you can stream, store, and share images, video and audio much more efficiently — better data with less weight. And that’s awesome if you own an iPhone or Mac. But use anything else and you’re Googling how to convert it. It’s a fairly simple process, but yet another step in your to-do list.

Unless of course, you’re using MyPhoto — in which case adaptation is ubiquitous. Like we said, we like to keep things simple. No drama.


Is HEIC the Future?

the future of online photo upload

Who knows? We have no crystal ball. Perhaps HEIC is the next step in photo technology, like how video evolved from Beta to VHS to DVD to streaming.

Or maybe it’s like the adaption of the metric system in the US. In the ‘80s, your fourth-grade teacher swore we’d adopt it by now — but today, it’s still inch by inch and stubborn as ever. 

But no matter how the technology evolves, MyPhoto will always stay ahead of the curve.


MyPhoto — a Seamless Experience

MyPhoto designed a seamless system for student photo upload. Students take a photo using their phone or other device. They use our proprietary tools to edit the photo to meet your community standards and upload it to your system. Your staff approves the photo with a simple click — approve thousands of photos in an hour. Similar to “Liking” photos on Facebook — click, click, you’re done. 

And the beauty is MyPhoto features your university’s brand and sits within your systems like anything else at your university. For about $4,995 per year, you own the license after 3 years — like the deed to your house. That’s roughly $399 per month — the price to lease a family Acura. 


Interested in learning more? Sign up for a FREE DEMO and learn everything you need in less than an hour.