Don’t Own Photo Upload License? Here’s Why You’re Wasting Money


Want to lose a fortune? It’s SO EASY:

     1. Turn on garbage disposal.

     2. Insert diamond ring.

     3. Grind to smithereens.

Or better yet, keep your jewelry. Rent an online photo upload package by the month instead, one you’ll never own the license to. In just a year, you blow $14 Grand, or as much as $70 Grand in less than 5.

And every cent swirls down the disposal, never to be seen again.

How exorbitantly crazy is that?

Yes, so many universities do exactly this — they flush down every cent they spend on online photo upload by renting it with no hopes of ever owning the license. They pay more than they should. Every year, they pay thousands for software they’ll never own outright.

Let’s break down what it costs to rent photo upload:

  • • At $635/month/17K students — schools the size of Stanford  — nearly $8K.
  • • At $790/month/30K students — schools the size of UMass   $10K
  • • At 60K students — schools the size of Ohio State University — nearly $20K.

Why Rent When You Can Own?

We designed MyPhoto on a payment plan to own. The idea is you own the license after 3 years. After your 3 year commitment, you own MyPhoto outright, like the deed to a family home.

Digital Photo UploadAnd since we have no user limit, you get all the uploads you need on one convenient and affordable package — less than $420 per month. Your costs never go up. In fact, they go down to nothing or next to nothing after just 3 years.

You pay $4,995 per year, no need for a Request for Proposal or to submit competing bids. Wham, bam done. And the entire card office thinks you’re a hero, a knight in shining armor.

That’s a fraction of what any school over 7,000 students pay under our competitors. And for a school the size of Ohio State University or the University of Florida, it’s 1/4 the cost.

In fact, MyPhoto costs about the same as an average monthly car payment. But instead of a family sedan, you get all the photo IDs you need for an entire university, even if you happen to be one of the largest institutions in the country.

Online Photo Upload: Own It — Customize It, Control It

Are you still grinding up grandma’s wedding diamonds? Why not own a photo upload solution that’s not only more affordable but actually much better? Let us explain.

MyPhoto is seamless and customizable. It exists on your own systems, safe and secure behind your firewall. It can be branded and tweaked however you see fit.

MyPhoto’s easy for students and staff to use. Students use their own device to take photos and edit with our tools to meet your community standards. Staff can approve photos with a simple click. Thousands of photos can be processed and approved in an hour. MyPhoto works as easy as a Facebook selfie.




Help & Service Packages

As we mentioned, MyPhoto is yours after 3 years. Take it and run. You do all your own hosting, upkeep & upgrades.

Or we can host the system for $416 per month, and continue to provide updates and support.

Or if you prefer to host the system yourself, we offer all the service and upgrades you need for less than $1,700 per year, less than $145 per month.

How sweet is that? Sign up for a FREE DEMO to learn more.