The Secret to Universal Usage and Online Photo Upload Success

No, it’s not your imagination. Students are ignoring your sign-up emails for digital photo upload. In fact, that’s probably why your utilization rates are so weak.

Can you really blame them? Students’ in-boxes are stacked sky-high. University emails tend to hide like last week’s tuna fish in the back of the fridge.

Photo upload software can significantly improve life around the card office. Instead of your staff taking ID photos on premise, students upload their own photos from their phones and other mobile devices. Photos are easily edited and uploaded via photo software that’s integrated seamlessly to your existing systems.

Unless of course students fail to adopt the new system. Then those long lines never disappear, your staff doesn’t get their break. The university’s new software investment goes to waste.

And that’s a shame. You deserve astonishing results. Read on to learn the secret to universal adoption and amazing photo upload success.

Inbox Infinity?

More than 205 billion emails are sent and received every single day, according to marketing research firm Radicati. In fact, the average college student receives more than 100 emails per day. Who’s got time for all that?

Definitely not a busy college student. The beginning of any semester feels like a race against time. You can’t really be too offended when your email gets lost in the digital blur.

Do Your Photo Signups Rely Solely on Email?

The problem with online photo submission is so many schools rely too heavily on email for signups. Surprisingly, some cloud card photo platforms focus exclusively on email. And then schools wonder why they get such pathetically low usage rates students tend to ignore it. Some might not realize it even exists. And that’s just sad.

Are Students Ignoring Signups for Photo Upload?

It’s easy to tell if students are adopting and loving your new system: Are they actually using it?

Here’s a clear takeaway: If at least 85% of your students aren’t using the new system, you’re doing something wrong. Seriously. When marketed effectively, schools that use MyPhoto tend to achieve at least 96% successful adoption rates.

It’s not only possible — it’s what you should expect.

How Secure is Email Signup?

If your signup process relies on emailed links, that’s also a serious security liability. Ever wonder why sites like Gmail provide such a small limited time window for password reset links? Any email, forwarded or hacked, could provide a complete backdoor to a student’s ID authentication portal. Shoddy security leaves everything on the line.

A Better Solution for Success

We find that student ID photo upload works best when seamlessly integrated to your existing systems.

Students log in using the same info and security portals the university already uses to protect student ID numbers, grades, and financial data. They don’t need to remember or set up anything different than what they already use to access other university features online.

We understand the criticality of privacy. In today’s world, you can’t be too careful, especially when it comes to fraud and financial liability.

So Many Ways to Get Students to Love Photo Upload

Use every enticement and educational tool in your belt to promote your new software. Once students know it exists and try it out, they’ll love how amazing it is. And your staff will too. They’ll get more done and finally be able to relax and ease into the beginning of each semester. The fact is you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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