Why Real-Time Preview Streamlines Satisfaction in Photo Submission


Would you buy a pair of shoes you’ve never tried on, a t-shirt you’ve never seen?

Probably not. That’s why most online stores offer previews of merchandise — it helps control costs on returned purchases.

Photo submission software is no different. 

If students can’t virtually view not only their photo but how it actually looks on their campus ID card, they are more likely to be dissatisfied with the results — which means more do-overs, card delays, and admin work behind the scenes. It’s an unsatisfying experience for everyone involved.


Satisfying the Selfie Generation


photo submissionStudents are an image-conscious demographic. This is the selfie-generation, after all! They want their campus pictures to be absolutely perfect — not only meet your community standards, but look great too.

Why shouldn’t they love the results? They’ll use that campus picture ID perhaps for their entire college experience — it even helps shape and define it. That ID may very well go into a scrapbook commemorating some of the best years of their lives.



Streamlining Satisfaction in Photo Submission


That’s why MyPhoto always prioritizes a preview of every campus photo ID before the student even submits their photo. We want your cards to look amazing! User satisfaction is so essential to the MyPhoto experience.

Once students upload their photo, they use our editing tools to crop and rotate their photo to meet your community standards with passport quality results. On the next step, they can view their photo superimposed on an ID card, just as if they were holding the finished result. They only submit the photo when they are completely satisfied and love their campus ID.

This does two things:

  1. It satisfies their expectations.
  2. It meets your own.

By including a card preview before they submit their photo, you provide another step of review before the photo’s even been submitted. 

The whole process is smooth and efficient — it takes less than a minute to upload a photo, even with user review.



Happy Users Means Better Photo Submission


Student satisfaction is likely the number one reason why our user approval rates are so high: 85 to 95%. 

We designed MyPhoto so that it’s simple and efficient for users and admins to use — but it also produces highly satisfying results, usually on the very first try.

Simple. Beautiful. Done. That’s why MyPhoto is successfully used by some of the biggest institutions in the world. 

We prefer an efficient and supremely satisfying user-friendly experience — for students and admins alike.