Look Mom, No Spreadsheets! A Simpler Way to Process Campus Photo IDs

Drowning in Data for Campus Photo Tool


You’ve just ordered a new campus photo submission software with all the bells and whistles. You hope it saves your staff a ton of time and frustration. Finally, processing campus photo IDs will be easier — your staff will get more done. They’ll have more time to focus on other tasks.

But then you’re asked to create a spreadsheet of every user — formatted with their name, email address, and student ID number. You may need to export this data from another system, generate any necessary fields, and then submit the data in a spreadsheet format to the photo upload system.

It’s a real pain in the neck. “Data dump” is a pretty good word for it. Afterward, you feel like you’ve been scraped off the bottom of somebody’s shoe. 

I don’t get it, you say. Aren’t campus card photo tools supposed to be easy to use?

You’re absolutely right. Using online photo submission to process student campus photos should be simple — effortless and efficient. When it’s not, it’s nothing but a headache for office staff. And that defeats the whole purpose of a campus card photo tool.


The Frustration of Complicated Design


Here’s the problem: Many campus card processing systems fail to grasp the beauty of simple design.

Many systems rely on email to get their students into the web photo upload system. That’s why they rely on spreadsheets — they need each student’s name, student number, and email just to ask them to use the system in the first place. Formatting this data is a cumbersome, time-consuming process for card office staff, especially for smaller schools where resources are tight.


Simple Campus Photo Card Tool Design


KISS: Keep It Simple Silly!


MyPhoto keeps it simple. Our system interfaces with your front end system so you maintain effortless control. We sit within your systems, inside your website. You don’t need to upload any complicated information or spreadsheets.

If you want a group of students to use MyPhoto, you simply give that group permission from your front end system. Students visit your website, use the MyPhoto application, and they’re done. They take a photo with their phone, use our tools to edit their photo to meet your community standards — and upload it to your campus card systems. Staff then approve the photo with a simple click. Thousands of photos can be approved in an hour.

There’s absolutely no data manipulation required. Say goodbye to the “data dump.” Your card office doesn’t have to do anything — just relax and let MyPhoto work its magic.


The Beauty of a Campus Branded Experience


Unlike other card processing systems, MyPhoto is campus branded. It’s seamless to your university’s systems. 

From the students’ point of view, the photo tool is seamless to the university experience. They never leave your campus website — the MyPhoto application is branded with your logo and school colors. From our point of view, this is your campus card photo upload. In fact, universities own the license for MyPhoto after 3 years — all they pay for is support and updates after that.


Single Sign-On: Secure & Simple


Another advantage of MyPhoto’s efficient design is our single sign-on feature. Students use the same user ID and password used to access other university systems. That’s why we don’t have to rely on email or require complex data manipulation. Whether you’re a student submitting a photo or card office staff approving the photo, our design is simple and easy to use.

For additional security, we offer an optional government ID upload: Students submit a government ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, to confirm their identity.


The Advantage of a Campus Card Photo Tool


A Seamless Approach to Web Photo Upload


We designed MyPhoto to be easy to use and seamless. There is no complicated data processing. That way your staff can focus less on the rote work of processing photos and more on what they do best — being awesome!